Butterflies Are Singing

Like a car crash, you just have to stare
Like the dream where you're at school in your underwear
It's a mess that he created, one that she won't fix
But it still seems like they're getting their kicks

The rainbow in the sky reminds you He'll keep you safe
But all these puddles of blood may give a different take
Can't believe in everything or in nothing at all
But in the middle, they're both forced to crawl

The acrobats are done their swinging now
The songbirds are done their singing now
The daffodils are done their blooming now
The orchestra is done its tuning now
But are the rest of us done?

(Second verse coming...)

The policemen have started swinging now
The butterflies have started singing now
The alphabet has started blooming now
The winter sky has started tuning now
But have any of us begun?

Lyrics and Music by Paul Little (2006)