Wintertime Blues

The sun it sets around a quarter to five
I start my car but it won't come alive
The only thing I wanna do is to drive to you

Each December, it's always the same
Even though I know that I am to blame
I don't know why I keep playing this game with you

When nights get long, I can't get to you
That's why every year I end up with the wintertime blues

The snow is falling, you say you're stuck inside
This always happens, and you just wanna hide
Baby I don't know what more I can try with you

Christmastime is filling my days
It gets so busy, and I just want to say
Why can't (why can't) I just stay with you

It's minus 40, I don't know what to do
That's why every year I end up with the wintertime blues

In the summertime the sun is out
The grass is green and the children shout
You hold me close, and there is no doubt
(But then baby, it gets cold outside...)

Triple layers and I'm still feeling cold
This whole winter thing, well it's getting old
It's been months since I've been able to hold your hand

My bags are packed and I'm ready to leave
I'm heading south to live with all the palm trees
You say you're thinking of joining me -- but don't (please don't) no don't

Now it feels like summer everyday
And my wintertime blues are miles away
Oh, they're so far away
Yeah, they've faded away
Baby, they're miles away

Lyrics and Music by Ian & Paul Little (2011)