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PITCH BLACK (2000): The Ultimate Recut


In the distant future, the ship Hunter-Gratzner is transporting passengers in cryostasis. Among those, a Muslim preacher who goes by the title "Imam" accompanied by three young pilgrims traveling to New Mecca, a boy named Jack, a pair of prospectorsnamed Shazza and Zeke, a merchant named Paris, and a law enforcement officer, Johns, escorting the notorious criminal Richard B. Riddick.

Debris from a comet tail ruptures the ship's hull, killing the captain and sending the ship off course. The surviving crew members attempt to land the ship on a nearby planet. As the ship falls apart, docking pilot Carolyn Fry attempts to dump the passenger section to reduce their weight, but co-pilot Owens prevents her. The ship crashes on the planet, immediately killing all onboard.

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