What you mean to me
Is impossible to convey
All I know
Is what I see in front of me today

And so I'm asking
Will you follow me wherever I go?
I just hope and pray
You won't say no

Things have never seemed
As simple as when I'm with you
I can finally be
The person I know is true

And so I'm asking
Do you think the same?
I just hope and pray
That you call my name

Your brown eyes
They show me what you feel
Even as you try
To hide all that is real

And so I'm asking
Will you care for me forever more?
I just hope and pray
You don't close that door

I realize that it's
Gonna to take some time
'Til you let me in
'Til you let your feelings shine

I know you're scared
Of sadness that may come
But just remember
I will never do you harm

And so I'm asking
Can you trust me with your heart
And if the answer's yes
Well why don`t you start?

Lyrics and Music by Paul Little (2010)