When I fall I fall for you
Tried so hard, there's nothing I can do
Though I see you turn away
I still can't help but fall this way

Holding down my heart's desire
Push my soul to put out the fire
Best of friends is how we'll stay
But I still can't help but feel this way

Broken heart torn in two
I move on to someone new
I try to love her with all my will
But I can't help but love you still

Lifetime full of emptiness
I still feel your sweet caress
I've got a life without you
But I still can't help from loving you

The days grow short, the nights drag on
I know it now, it won't be long
But if I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord, your heart kept safe

Oh I couldn't help but fall that way

Lyrics and Music by Paul Little (2003)