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Paul LittleParody Songs
Rice Rice Gravy video lyrics
All That She Wants (Rice & Gravy) lyrics
Gravy and Rice video lyrics
Empire State of Rice lyrics
Shame (I Hate Rice) video lyrics
I Don’t Wanna Be Picky video lyrics
These were written for and performed live at “Weird Al Karaoke” in Winnipeg.

Paul Little & Friends
Original Songs
16 Hours video lyrics
Bah Bah Bah (Words Cannot) lyrics
Elastic Heart audio lyrics
Fight for You lyrics
Green Eyes video lyrics
Hope audio video lyrics
I Ask You Please audio video lyrics
I Gotta Say audio lyrics
Missing Part video lyrics
Moments lyrics
My Only December Song audio video lyrics
Never Love You audio video lyrics
Still lyrics
Thinking of You video lyrics
Tragedy of Life audio lyrics
Walk Away video lyrics
Wintertime Blues audio video lyrics
Written solo or with others as noted.
Paul Little & FriendsCovers
Blood Brothers (Iron Maiden Cover) audio
Chasing Cars ft. Furhan Azmat (Snow Patrol Cover) video
Closer (Joshua Radin Cover) video
Empire State of Mind ft. Sarah Little (Jay-Z & Alicia Keys Cover) video
For You ft. Sarah Little (Angus & Julia Stone Cover) video
Hallelujah ft. Sarah Little (Leonard Cohen Cover) video
Heal (Tom Odell Cover) video
I Want to Be Brave (Sarah Slean Cover) audio
Merry Christmas I Love You (Hawksley Workman Cover) video
Out of Touch with Reality ft. Jeremy Maron & Eric Nordquist (Sound Rage Cover) video
Safe and Sound (Hawksley Workman Cover) video
Say Something (A Great Big World Cover) video
Somebody That I Used to Know ft. Ian Bawa (Gotye/Kimbra Cover) video
Standing Still (Reuben and the Dark Cover) video
Take Away My Pain (Dream Theater Cover) video
Unanswered ft. Jeremy Maron & Eric Nordquist (Sound Rage Cover) video
I’ve recorded some covers over the years, mostly at live shows or during online streaming.

Paul Little & Friends
Comedic Songs
Aussie Rap video
Rap for SAKL (Aussie Rap 2) video
Shorty, I Love You Girl (w/ The Bomb Squad) audio video lyrics
This is Not a Rap Song lyrics
Over the years I have gone off the deep end and attempted to write comedy, usually for the purpose of a comedy video (and often with others).
Paul Little2004-2011
Butterflies Are Singing lyrics
Come to Me (ft. Eric Nordquist) audio lyrics
Ferroviaria lyrics
Find My Way lyrics
Hold Me Down (Demo) audio lyrics
I Ask You Please (Demo Version) audio lyrics
Untitled audio lyrics
Between 2004 and 2011, I penned new songs, re-worked old material, and recorded cover tunes.

Glass Shadows
Fair (2004)
01. Lost audio lyrics
02. Through Her Eyes (Dream Theater Cover) audio lyrics
03. Fairness of Death audio lyrics
04. Come to Me audio lyrics
05. Learned to Live audio lyrics
06. Fallen audio lyrics
07. Faith (Instrumental) audio
08. Sing in Pain audio lyrics
09. Endure No More audio lyrics
10. Death (ft. Jeff Humarang) audio lyrics
11. Blind Faith (Warrant Cover) audio lyrics
12. Learned to Live (Instrumental) audio
13. Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen Cover) audio lyrics
Completely produced/engineered by me in my home “studio” (aka laptop) throughout 2003. A few physical copies were printed.

Sound Rage
Boogie Psycho Twisted Nature (2000)
01. Thrive audio lyrics
03. Island of Fear audio lyrics
I co-wrote the lyrics to 2 tracks with my best friend and Sound Rage vocalist, Jeremy Maron.
Paul Little1998-2002 Random Okay Songs
Cosmic Glaze lyrics
Flying Through the Sky (ft. Jeremy Maron) audio lyrics
I Feel You audio lyrics
Paul Little1995-2002 Awful Pop Ballads
Can’t Say Your Name lyrics
I Love You lyrics
Why? lyrics
I was a “romantic” in my early adulthood, but the worst kind. Overly saccharine and with no poetic nature, some absolute garbage came out of this era. These are somehow the best of what I wrote during that time. I’m better now. Really.
Paul Little1998-2002 Terrible ‘Metal’ Songs
Fighting the Future lyrics
Fighting the Past lyrics
MiND MeLD lyrics
I thought I was going to be in a metal band. I was clearly dealing with some internal anger issues. I got through both of these relatively unscathed, but most of the lyrics from that era are lost to time (and possibly the Waybackmachine).
Paul LittleOther Writing
A Walk Through Lisbon read
Paris in April read
Fortinbras: The Conquering of a Nation read
Despite most of my writing being of the music/lyrics variety, I’ve also (on brief occasion) been known to write other things as well.