A Fish Named Bob

This is the story of a fish
This fish's name was Bob
He lived in a little fish bowl
With another fish named Bob
Now most fish, they like company
But not our little friend
He hated the other Bob
And wanted his life to end

Bob tried to make a lot of noise
To attract his owner's cat
But the cat always went for Bob #1
So it would be tougher than that
"What can I do?" thought the little guy
He wanted privacy
"I must chase out the other Bob
So then it'd just be me."

He tried to frighten the other Bob
So he put on a scary mask
"What are you doing, Bob?"
The other Bob did ask
"Nothing!" cried our little friend
"I just want you to flee!"
"But why?" Bob #2 replied
"You don't even know me!"

"I heard that you were very mean
Plus you've been ignoring me."
Bob #1 was really sad
He cried disparingly
"Well that's not true at all,"
Said the second-mentioned Bob
"I'm sorry, I'm just really shy."
Then HE began to sob.

"So you don't really hate me?"
The first Bob did question
"No, in fact I like you,"
The second Bob did mention
Now the two are known as
The two best friends named Bob
And that's the end of our story
Of a little fish named Bob

Lyrics by Paul Little (1999)