Sign Post (Work in Progress)

On a corner, dark, alone it sits
Some light from the street lays a gentle kiss
But that's not enough to help its wish
To be anywhere else on this night

Every night sees drug dealers and thieves
Unfortunate souls, "just a few cents, please"
Sadness, crime, desperation, disease
But nothing at all like this sight

Sign post... the only witness
Sign post... if only it could
Sign post... completely helpless
Sign post... saw what no one should

Broken and helpless, left in the cold
Naked and empty, barely 16 years old
Not a human alive who wouldn't just fold
Without anyone questioning why

A soul ripped apart a short time before
But up off this concrete jungle floor
Like a wounded soldier who keeps fighting the war
She raised her eyes to the sky


Lyrics and Music by Paul Little (2006)