April in May

I think that it is time
To take some rambling words of mine
About how cool you are
And loosely form them into rhymes

And since you hate whistling
I guess I'll just have to sing
This melody about how much
Joy your presence brings


I wish that I could write
You an old jazz tune about the night
That we stayed up just talking
Right until the morning light

I don't have the ability
To describe in words just what I see
Every single time you smile
But I do know I'm lucky


I just can't understand
How on earth your ex-boyfriend
Could deny that you are funny
A ridiculous notion

I know that this is new
But I'd do so much for you
I'll drive a million highways
Give a foot rub on date 2


Thinking back to that day
When I first met April in May
I can't believe how dumb it was
To get on stage and play

But you were very sweet
You didn't even leave your seat
You put up with the awkwardness
And that is quite a feat


Oh I just hope that I --
Despite my being shy --
Can tell you, even thinking of
Your face makes my heart sigh

And I must say sorry, dear
For all of these cliches you hear
I know you like your romance
Free of brie and camembert


Ça me fait nerveux à dire
Mais je suis sincère
Très heureux de connâitre
Cette femme extraordinaire

Lyrics and Music by Paul Little (2012)